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Aluminum Decking/Shoring Beam
    Manufacturer: KINEDYNE
    Manufacturer No.: FE8066-3
    Price: $ 89.20000000000000284217094304040074348449707031250000
    Qty Available: 35
    Additional Information

    • For 96" and 102" trailers
    • Decking/Vertical Rating: 2200 lbs. uniformly distributed working load limit
    • Head assemblies are all steel, zinc-plated and tapered for ease of operation
    • Shoring/Horizontal Rating: 2000 lbs. uniformly distributed working load limit
    • Made from extruded high strength aluminum
    • Designed to give maximum strength at the least possible weight
    • Keyhole slot allows the beams to be hung and stored in the trailer out of the way when they are not in use Note: Working load limits are 1/3 of the ultimate breaking strength.
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