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Replacement Rolls
  • Material: Plastic
Manufacturer: GOODWRAPPERS
Manufacturer No.: RRCH-1-3/4
Price: $ 5.74000000000000021316282072803005576133728027343750
Qty Available: 33
Additional Information
  • Material: Plastic

  • Wt. lbs.: 1
  • Reusable dispenser handles
  • Ideal for load and shipment protection
  • One set of handles per case
  • Reduces pilferage and tampering
  • Compact design promotes easy manoeuvrability for 5-sided wrap in a minimum work space
  • Efficient hand braking system with the economy of regular 3" ID core stretch wrap
  • The hand brakes on the dispenser help reduce friction heat, allowing the operator to squeeze without pain
  • With a tighter squeeze more tension is applied to the film - more secure wrap using a minimum amount of stretch film
  • Core adapter model PA909 available to allow use with standard metal hand dispensers (for use with dispenser model PE354)
  • Film and reusable dispenser handles sold separately;