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Lead Security Seals and Sealing Presses
    Manufacturer: C.H. HANSON
    Manufacturer No.: 27905
    Price: $ 117
    Qty Available: 3
    Additional Information

    • Provides security in a wide variety of situations
    • Slip twisted wire through the hole in lead seal disc and crush with sealing press
    • Can't be opened or tampered with, without detection
    • 7/16" diameter lead seals with 10" two-ply annealed steel wires
    • Lead sealing press comes with two blank dies
    • Sealing Press
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      C.H. HANSON 
      $ 31.699999999999999289457264239899814128875732421875
      Lead Security Seals and Sealing Presses
      • Type: Cable Seal
      • Material: Metal
      • Length: 10"