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Combination Shower & Eye, Eye/face Washes
  • Part: Cover/Caps
Manufacturer: BRADLEY
Manufacturer No.: 107-371
Price: $ 9.39000000000000056843418860808014869689941406250000
Qty Available: 28
Additional Information
  • Part: Cover/Caps

  • Most models are constructed with Bradtect TM coated galvanized pipe and are available with either ABS plastic or stainless steel shower heads and bowls
  • Bradtect TM is a yellow polyurethane coating that withstands harsh and corrosive environments
  • Model SAR318 is constructed from chrome-plated red brass with stainless steel shower head and bowl
  • Model SAK639 is constructed from all stainless steel
  • SpinTec TM showerhead improves water distribution activated by a stainless steel pull rod and 1" IPS chrome-plated stay-open ball valve
  • Include twin spray heads with a flow control and pop-off dust caps with either yellow impact-resistant plastic or corrosion-resistant stainless steel 10" diameter bowls
  • Activated by highly visible push handle and 1/2" IPS chrome-plated stay-open ball valve
  • Some units can be hand or foot control operated
  • Model SAK633 includes drench hose attachment for face and body rinse
  • Water supply: 1 1/4" IPS (female). Waste: 11/4" IPS (female)
  • Includes safety sign and inspection tag
  • SEI Certified to ANSI Z358.1-2009